October Reflection: A Community Endeavor

By Raquel Riberti-Bill, ProGente Connections Program Director

I am Raquel Riberti-Bill, the Program Director here at ProGente Connections. It is an honor to be part of this organization that provides new opportunities for our Brazilian and American communities every day. Wonderful stories of personal, moral, and professional growth happen all the time to people who are involved with our organization, but today I would like to share with you one of our most recent victories.

On Saturday, September 29, we had our first gala in the history of ProGente Connections. We set several goals and expectations for this event and together we started to get ready for our big day. We received help from many people and it is not possible to mention names of each one of them, because I don’t want to forget anyone! It is often said that when we work for God, the angels appear to help us, and that is exactly what it felt like with each board member, teacher, business sponsor, volunteer, English Plus student who helped put on the gala. We tried to think of every detail, such as decorations, entertainment, delicious food, and more, and since it was our first big event we were a bit apprehensive – but we were determined to put on a fun, lively gala. The result was delightful. The smiles on the faces of the participants, the presence of Bishop Alan Gates of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, and the good energy in the room will forever accompany our memories.

To all who gave us time, talent, materials, and financial support, we truly THANK YOU VERY MUCH. On September 29, 2018, with the help of many people, we planted a seed of love in our community. This seed will generate new fruits of love, mutual respect, and a better, more connected world for all. We could not put on this fantastic event without the help of each one of you. May this be the first of many successful future galas at ProGente Connections. We ask that you keep up your amazing support as we continue to serve our mission.