September Reflection: An Organization Making a Difference

By Deacon Susan Lindberg Haley, Chair of ProGente Connections Board of Directors

Five years ago, a group of Christians from various faith traditions and various countries began meeting together to talk about ways we could join with each other to do God’s work and create a little bit of God’s kingdom here in MetroWest. Our specific vision - Working together, we will create a new kind of multicultural and ecumenical community based on mutual respect and service - grew out of months of conversation. From that vision, ProGente Connections was born.

ProGente Connections is a unique organization. It gives people from different countries the opportunity to get to know each other, to learn each other’s language and culture, to pray and to laugh with each other. Through our work together, we get to see all that we have in common - love of family; committed faith in God; respect for those who are different from us; the value of a good education for our children; the desire for our children to grow and prosper.

Then, there are the concrete activities of ProGente Connections which impact individual lives everyday - children learn Portuguese and Brazilian culture; adults learn English and local culture; teachers and young adults have opportunities to grow in their professional development; advocacy efforts are expanding; and, soon, practical how-to workshops will be offered.

It gives me great joy to be part of ProGente Connections. Through all the hard work of the teachers, volunteers, parents, children, individuals, staff and Board members, this is an organization of people who serve each other out of their love for each other and their love for God. This is an organization that makes a difference in the world.

August Reflection: The Episcopal Church Stands with Immigrants

August Reflection: The Episcopal Church Stands with Immigrants

This year, 1000 Episcopalians rode a fleet of 19 busses to the T. Don Hutto Residential Center where women immigrants in the custody of authorities are held.  The Hutto Center is a for-profit prison which holds 500 detainees. Presiding Bishop Michael Curry addressed the crowd: “Jesus said, ‘Love God and love your neighbor.’ We come in love, that is the core of our faith, that is the heart of it.  We come because we don’t believe that a great nation like this one separates children from their families…”