Spring Reflection: How to Become a Teacher in Massachusetts

By: Raquel Riberti-Bill, Program Director

Hi, I am Raquel Riberti-Bill, Program Director at ProGente Connections. I want to share with you one of our latest events that made me very happy and proud to be part of this organization. On March 14, ProGente Connections, in partnership with Framingham State University, offered a free workshop for the Brazilian community in the Metrowest area on how to become a teacher in Massachusetts. I, as the organizer, got the pleasure of witnessing great joy on the faces of all 40 participants in attendance.

Six faculty members from Framingham State University came to share their knowledge and opportunities for education. The chance to see my fellow Brazilian community educating themselves to be able to attain greater career opportunities is always very gratifying. It has always been a privilege to be able to help our communities by providing informative and intercultural events like these. I am extremely grateful to work for this organization.

I feel really blessed to be able to wake up in the morning and feel like I can make a difference in someone else's life on that day. I love what I do, and I get to show this love every day at work. I hope I get more and more opportunities to help people around me, just like God teaches us.

I also hope more and more people find our organization, so they can take advantage of our programs and educate themselves, and teach or volunteer with us in one of our programs. Contact us to find out how you can change someone's life by offering the best of yourself to others. I wish this month gives you plenty of achievements in your life and God gives you back in double every act of love you give away to others.

With love,