March Reflection: Thoughts on Two Trimesters of ESL

By: ProGente Connections ESL Students

We asked students in our Advanced Beginner class to share their experiences of ESL, and here are some of their thoughts:

My experience in ESL was marked by diverse community with people from many different places in Brazil, and by the amazing teachers who were always dedicated and professional. They supported us and applied learning techniques that meant I progressed a lot during the class. Not to mention the wonderful snacks we shared as a class!

— Andrea

I am very grateful for this opportunity, I really like the classes and the teachers, who are very attentive!! They teach us with so much patience. This project is wonderful.

— Cleide

English is important because globalization makes it fundamental. I am interested in English because it is the language of academics, travel, business, and allows communication with the whole world.


I want thank the teachers for all their attention and patience. I am learning a lot from the lessons and this is helping me improve my English more and more.